HPO Shareholder Fall 2020 Election

For Shareholders: Our elections will be a little more complicated this year than usual, so HPO Counsel David Merritt sat down with board member Barbara Heisler to go through the procedures and forms, and they made this video. We hope this is helpful. Instructions, candidate bios, and ballots are in the mail now, and must be cast by 7 pm on September 30 in the ballot boxes (which will be placed near the management office on September 25) or received at counsel’s office (postage-paid pre-addressed envelope provided) by 5 pm on that same date. There will be no in-person election held this year.

Thank you to the shareholder’s that are standing as candidates for the next 2-year term for the Board. It is really important that all shareholders cast their votes; a quorum of at least half of all shares must be voted for the election to count! So watch the video, watch for your ballot and instructions, and vote!

Again, to watch the video, click here!

Read Candidate Bios here.

View a sample election packet here.

View sample envelopes here.

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