HPO Shareholder Fall 2020 Election

For Shareholders: Our elections will be a little more complicated this year than usual, so HPO Counsel David Merritt sat down with board member Barbara Heisler to go through the procedures and forms, and they made this video. We hope this is helpful. Instructions, candidate bios, and ballots are in the mail now, and must be cast by 7 pm on September 30 in the ballot boxes (which will be placed near the management office on September 25) or received at counsel’s office (postage-paid pre-addressed envelope provided) by 5 pm on that same date. There will be no in-person election held this year.

Thank you to the shareholder’s that are standing as candidates for the next 2-year term for the Board. It is really important that all shareholders cast their votes; a quorum of at least half of all shares must be voted for the election to count! So watch the video, watch for your ballot and instructions, and vote!

Again, to watch the video, click here!

Read Candidate Bios here.

View a sample election packet here.

View sample envelopes here.

What to do in case of a fire?

Within minutes, small flames can spread and grow
into a deadly fire. Preparation is a great way to
help reduce the risk of panic in any emergency.
Experts say to be quick, but also be in control.

And while a blaring alarm system can be nerve-
wracking, it also acts as a powerful lifesaver.

Two Most Important Guidelines:

If the fire is in your apartment, CALL 911 and
let them know where you are in the building.
GET OUT of your apartment. Use the safest
stairway exit.

If the fire is NOT in your apartment, STAY PUT!

Wet towels under your door will impede smoke.

Be Proactive If you see a damaged smoke alarm or
broken glass on a fire extinguisher case, don’t ignore
it. Let the maintenance office know right away. It’s a
good idea to be proactive and if you see something,
say something.

If you notice smoke or a fire in your unit or building,
follow these steps to stay safe.

Call 911 If you see or smell smoke, call 911. Let
them know where you are in the building. If you’re
in a massive building on fire, your location can help
firefighters get to you if you’re unable to get out on
your own.

First responders say that if your apartment is not
threatened, you should stay put.

Be sure to put wet towels, rags, bedding or tape
under your doors. And cover any vents in your
apartment to help limit smoke from coming in.
No matter what, don’t break a window and don’t
try to jump out of your apartment. Wait for first
responders to arrive.

If you’re outside of the building, don’t go in. Wait
until firefighters tell you it’s safe to go back before
returning home. If you think a neighbor or pets
are still inside the apartment building, tell the

Stay calm There’s a natural inclination to get
out as soon as possible. But you could be putting
yourself in more danger trying to do that. If the fire
has spread, it could be a no-win choice.

Fire safety begins with you. Be prepared for how
you’ll react and protect yourself, your kids and pets.

It’s critical to know the location of exits on your
floor. If one is blocked due to smoke and fire, you
should know what your alternative options are.

Some basic fire safety prep on your part includes:
▪ Don’t exit your apartment without your keys.
If you have to turn back because of flames in
the hallway and smoke in the stairwell, or a
blocked entry, you need your key to get back
into your apartment.
▪ Always check a doorknob before opening it.
Heat is an indicator of a blaze behind the door.
Knowing how to tell if a door is safe to open
during a fire could save your life.
▪ Know where all the exit doors and stairs are on
your floor
▪ Never take an elevator. If the stairs are a clear
and safe option, use them.
▪ Get down low if there’s smoke in a hallway,
it will be easier for you to breathe if you stay
lower down to the ground
▪ Be sure to count the number of doors there are
between your apartment and the nearest fire exit
▪ Learn the building’s evacuation plan
▪ Determine a place outside where everyone
should meet if you get separated
▪ If a fire starts spreading in your apartment, remember that your
goal is to escape

2020 Shareholder meetings

2020 Shareholder Meetings

Meetings begin at 7:30 pm in the Community Room

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 – annual meeting and election

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 – budget

Do you know our staff?

Sharon O’Neill                            Property Manager

Kimma Walker                           Assistant Property Manager

Miguel “Lito” Peraza               Superintendent

Alberto Celleri                            Assistant Superintendent

David Blount                              Doorman

Dudley Dixon                             Doorman

Victor Battle                               Doorman

Stephan Wertz                           Doorman

Jose A. Campos                         Painter

William Sorto                              Painter

Antonio A. Paz                           Handy Man

Luis Suarez                                  Porter

Giovanni Diaz Rodriguez      Porter

Ramiro Chavez                          Porter

Kyle Davids                                  Porter / Van Driver

Christian Cisco                          Evening Van Driver

Joseck Mogaka                         Porter

Javier Bolivar                              Porter

Juan Vargas                               Seasonal Gardener

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